Calling in reinforcements

You’re currently experiencing Waste Not Version 1.0: This is where we lay out our plans so you can join in.

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How to help

Donate code

Sustainability shouldn’t be a trade secret, so our code isn’t either – we're open-source and free to explore anytime. You can even volunteer with us to make your own impact: We've laid out our plans from a content hub for case studies and education, to improved search features, ideas around lessening our environmental load and a few other fun things.

This is Version 1.0: get in touch and we'll share our best laid plans for you to consider volunteering.

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How to help

Join GitHub and help approve new listings

When new listings get submitted, they get directed to our repository on GitHub, where you can double-check info and see if it meets the criteria. We've done this quite a few times ourselves .... and discovered that it's a fun to learn about sustainability by looking under the hood. Give it a try?


Submit listings

Know a great source? Share it! Everyone’s part makes our world whole. Get to know the basics on our guidelines and help others call in better reinforcements.

Community Guidelines

Help us use less

This site was designed to use less energy, and we’d like to reduce as much as we can.

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How to help

What we're doing now

Dithered images reduce file size and brings the download per page down.

System fonts are already installed on your machine, which means we don't have to load any font files. This brings the download per page down.

Limited data fetching means less external requests on servers, less cold starts, more data cached to save trees and your bandwidth.

Not using phsyical materials means that Waste Not is recieptless and conducted online. We also like to ride our bicycles to work :)

That's all Folks!